Visually Satisfying Compositions of Flowers and Botanical Arrangements

botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim

As a yoga teacher, Ja Soon Kim incorporates elements of the meditative practice into her creative work. In her series of botanical arrangements, Kim neatly organizes colorful vegetation into beautifully balanced compositions.

Simply set against either a black or white background, the creations capture the unique shapes, hues, and textures of different species of plants. The botanical elements featured in the series span leaves, flowers, succulents, fruits, vegetables, and even sticks. Laid flat against the backdrops, the arrangements achieve a sense of balance without straightforward symmetry. Kim curates the plants according to color and size, and makes sure that the setup of each configuration conveys a unique sense of stability.

In addition to capturing the aesthetic of the world’s many plants, Kim’s series also explores the way they change throughout the year—an aspect that is intrinsic to her interest in nature. “In spring, cactus flowers,” she writes on her website. “In summer, monsoons fill streams and waterfalls, cottonwood leaves turn bright yellow in fall, and in winter the dusting of snow on pink rocks, cold silence and big sky.”

Kim poetically explores nature in her entire body of work, but her appreciation for its simplicity is particularly evident in her collection of botanical arrangements. By simply and straightforwardly exhibiting each plant, she places all emphasis on their unique forms and colors. As the viewer’s eyes travel from flower to leaf and fruit to vegetable, he or she is able to observe the diversity and beauty of nature.

See Ja Soon Kim’s bountiful botanical arrangements below.

botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim
botanical arrangements flower photography ja soon kim

Ja Soon Kim: Website | Instagram | BlogShop
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All images via Ja Soon Kim.

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9 Underwater Hotel Rooms with the Most Spectacular Views of the Ocean

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

Scattered around the globe, several hotels are offering unique accommodations that literally let you sleep with the fishes. Whether you’ve been humming Under the Sea or you count Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea as a favorite novel, these underwater hotels are the perfect escape.

Every few years, plans for a new, grand underwater resort seem to appear. But in actuality, building underwater is no easy feat due to environmental concerns and financial obstacles. So, where can one actually stay if you want to call and book a room tonight?

Don’t worry, there are several options ranging from spare and spartan to full, opulent luxury. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a memorable stay.

Atlantis the Palm – Dubai, UAE

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

The Underwater Suites at the Atlantis the Palm in Dubai are a lesson in luxury. The enormous floor-to-ceiling windows allowing a view of marine life from your bed are just the icing on the cake. Named Poseidon and Neptune after the gods of the sea, the sprawling suites also come with 24-hour butler service. And while the suites, which run $8,200 a night, aren’t under the sea, their views of the 65,000 marine animals of Ambassador Lagoon aquarium create the illusion.


Lovers Deep Submarine – Caribbean

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place
underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

Why settle for one room when you can have your entire living quarters submerged? Since 2014, luxury villa rental agency Oliver’s Travels has been offering stays in this incredible submarine. A chef and personal butler are on staff to ensure 5-star service. Suited for couples looking to keep the romance alive, oysters and caviar are part of a specially developed aphrodisiac tasting menu. The price tag? From $215,000 a night.


Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore offers 11 Ocean Suites built as townhouses on two levels. Divided into land on the upper, living area and sea, in the underwater sleeping chambers, the suites offer the best of both worlds. Your personal butler will cater to you as you take in the view of the world’s largest aquarium. A stay in the suites runs about $1,200 per night.


Manta Resort – Zanzibar

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

Located off Pemba Island on the Zanzibar archipelago, the Manta Resort is the definition of tropical luxury. The floating hotel offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and African coastline from above and a unique perspective on what lies below in its sunken bedrooms. With each room placed about 13 feet below sea level, relaxing in the ocean has never been so easy. Rooms run from $1,500 per night.


Hilton’s Conrad Rangali Island Resort – Maldives

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

On special occasions, the Rangali Island Resort has transformed their underwater restaurant into an underwater bedroom for two. Who wouldn’t want to say they’ve slept in the world’s first undersea restaurant?


Utter Inn – Vasteras, Sweden

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

Want to sleep underwater but can’t afford a steep price? This quaint underwater cabin in Sweden might be the perfect solution. The Utter Inn was designed by a local artist and while it appears to be a typical Swedish house floating on water, it actually has a small bedroom sunk about 10 feet below the surface. No frills or fuss, it makes a great weekend getaway at just $250 a night.


Jules’ Undersea Lodge – Key Largo, Florida

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

Another, slightly more budget-friendly, option is aptly named after Jules Verne. Located off the Florida coast near Puerto Rico, Jules’ Undersea Lodge is actually the world’s oldest underwater hotel. This former research center is perfect for intrepid travelers who won’t mind having to scuba dive 21 feet down into the main foyer. Once inside, the cozy rooms are perfect for couples and you can even order in a chef, who will scuba down to cook for you. A stay here will cost from $675 a night.


Bambu Indah Hotel – Bali, Indonesia

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

While the Bambu Indah Hotel in Bali isn’t underwater, the view from its Udang House is so incredible, we had to include it. The tempered glass floor gives spectacular views into the shrimp pond the house was built upon, meaning you could spend hours lounging and gazing at the marine activity while in bed.


InterContinental Shimao Wonderland – Shanghai, China

underwater hotel stay in an unusual place

The InterContinental Shimao Wonderland, located close the Shanghai, isn’t completed just yet. But it’s so close, we had to include this unique hotel. Architects Atkins Design built the futuristic, luxury accommodations into the side of a quarry. The 370-room hotel will include two underwater levels holding a restaurant and guest rooms. There will be an artificial waterfall on site and guests will be encouraged to partake in water sports. Set to open in late 2017, rooms will start at $200.

All images via the respective hotels.

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Architects Design the World’s Longest Skyscraper in New York

conceptual architecture skyscraper new york city

Skyscrapers have long defined the Manhattan skyline, but an increased obsession with height is creating an unprecedented strain on the urban environment. What if instead of fighting for the prize of tallest building, architects created the longest? This is exactly what architectural firm Oiio Studio aimed for when creating its new architecture concept, The Bend.

Currently, developers are scrambling to buy air rights from neighboring properties in order to build luxury residential towers dubbed “super-slenders.” Oiio’s design, which they call the longest building in the world, is a U-shaped structure that stretches 4,000 ft. end to end.

“There is an undeniable obsession that resides in Manhattan. It is undeniable because it is made to be seen,” the architects share. “We have become familiar with building height measurements. We usually learn about the latest tallest building and we are always impressed by its price per square foot. It seems that a property’s height operates as a license for it to be expensive.”

By focusing on length rather than height, Oiio imagines a showstopping building that would literally straddle a piece of historical architecture on Billionaire’s Row, just south of Central Park. The Bend‘s façade is littered with windows. This creates a similar feel to the long, lean towers it emulates, but with an even smaller footprint.

It’s certainly an interesting solution, as community organizations, and even some architects, are alarmed by the number of supertall—between 980 feet and 2,000 feet—skyscrapers popping up in Manhattan. The concept is unquestionably an intriguing twist on both creating striking architecture and preserving the ever-changing skyline of New York City.

conceptual architecture skyscraper new york city
conceptual architecture skyscraper new york city
conceptual architecture skyscraper new york city

Oiio Studio: Website | Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [Dezeen]

All images via Oiio Studio.

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Teen and Her Dog Showcase Incredible Bond by Performing Amazing Tricks Together

amazing dog tricks

Most pet parents have a hard enough time teaching their dog to sit on command. But for 16-year-old Mary and her canine companion Secret, they’re perfectly in sync. The two-year-old Australian Shepherd performs the ultimate dog tricks, with a repertoire so impressive that they’ll make a human jealous.

Mary says that she and Secret have been “learning tricks and chasing balls” since the end of 2014. Between then and now, the two have refined and demonstrated an incredible range of expertise. Through a series of endlessly entertaining videos, Mary and Secret showcase all they can do together—and it’s Secret that always steals the show. The amazing Aussie dances an Irish jig, draws with a marker, and plays the piano. She also brings a whole new meaning to “downward dog” with her incredible yoga poses.

Mary offers support to Secret in every trick by guiding and cheering her on. Going beyond entertainment, these short Instagram videos display a loving bond between a dog and their human. The two know each other so well, and Secret trusts Mary wholeheartedly; they’ve even done a trust fall to prove it.

Secret, a two-year-old Australian Shepherd, is the master of tricks! Here’s why.

ultimate dog tricks

Secret’s ballet skills are on pointe.

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on Nov 15, 2016 at 8:25pm PST


She’s got this “doga” stuff down…

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on Jan 26, 2017 at 10:25pm PST


A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on Sep 11, 2016 at 7:38pm PDT


Going for a scoot is a breeze.

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on May 22, 2016 at 7:23pm PDT


She jumps through hoops like a pro.

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on May 10, 2016 at 9:30pm PDT


Together, Secret and Mary dance a lively jig.

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on Mar 17, 2017 at 1:04pm PDT


“She [Secret] plays a better duet with me then my sister!”

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on Apr 22, 2016 at 10:51am PDT


They’re ready to start a band!

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on Feb 16, 2017 at 9:24pm PST


Ever thoughtful, Secret gets Mary a drink—without even asking!


Wouldn’t you love it if your dog vacuumed? Secret is goals.

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on Oct 4, 2016 at 11:28pm PDT


What better way to prove your trust than with a trust fall?

A post shared by Mary & Secret (@my_aussie_gal) on Jan 9, 2017 at 10:31pm PST


Mary and Secret: Instagram

All images and videos via Mary and Secret.

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Toppled Teacups Overflow with Dried Leaves and Delicate Flowers

marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography

In her enchanting Floral Tea Story series, Russian artist and tea lover Marina Malinovaya arranges flowers and leaves in a whimsical way. Using only plants, a tea set, and a tabletop, she cleverly creates the illusion of cups overflowing with flora.

Each fanciful photograph features the artist’s hand clutching the handle of a teacup, teapot, or mug. Though, at first glance, it looks like she’s holding them upright, the vessels are actually toppled over onto the table. Dainty flowers and colorful dried leaves are also artistically laid out on the surface. Due to their clever placement and swirling formation, the botanical bunches look like stylized steam rising from each warm cup of tea. Additionally, extra sprigs and loose petals sporadically surround each arrangement, adding a delicate touch to an already exquisite composition.

Malinovava posts each of her Floral Tea Story pieces on her Instagram page. On top of shots of these beautiful teacup flowers, she also shares images of her other floral arrangements, as well as her collection of handmade jewelry. Inspired by her love of nature, the unique accessories present real flowers and leaves frozen in epoxy. You can see all of her charming pieces in her shop.

See selections from Marina Malinovaya’s dreamy Floral Tea Story below.

marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography tea
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography fall leaves
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography autumn leaves
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography leaves
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography teapot
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography tea kettle
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography
marina malinovaya floral tea story flower teacup photography

Marina Malinovaya: Instagram | Shop | VK 

All images via Marina Malinovaya.

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Scientists Say Tribe in Bolivian Rainforest Have the “Healthiest Hearts in the World”

We’re all striving for good health and to live as long as possible. Researchers are continually trying to figure out how, and studying the human heart is often at the center of it.  A paper recently published in The Lancet provides new details on how to achieve a healthier heart. The data came from research conducted on the indigenous Tsimane people living in the Bolivian rain forest, who are identified as having the greatest heart health. The most surprising thing about the study? The Tsimane have a diet that’s heavy in carbohydrates.

In Western fad diets like Atkins or Paleo, carbs are almost nowhere to be found. But for the Tsimane people, they’ve had a positive effect. The study conducted its research in July 2014 and 2015, and scientists tested the coronary artery calcium (CAC) of 705 people in the Tsimane population. This test, among other factors, determines the likelihood of a heart attack; a score between 100 and 400 generally means that mild coronary artery disease is “highly likely.”

The results revealed incredible information about the Tsimane. According to the data, it showed that 596 (85%) had a 0 on the CAC scale, and 89 people (13%) had scores from 1 to 100. “For individuals older than age 75 years,” the study indicates, “31 (65%) Tsimane presented with a CAC score of 0, and only four (8%) had CAC scores of 100 or more, a five-fold lower prevalence than industrialized populations.”

tsimane healthy heart

How do the Tsimane have the healthiest hearts?

Many recommendations are things you’ve probably heard before and that doctors are always encouraging. The Tsimane don’t drink or smoke. They’re active and walk 16,000 to 17,000 steps a day—even those older than 60 were taking over 15,000 steps. (That’s over 10,000 more than the average American office worker!)

Another big factor contributing to the Tsimanes’ healthy hearts is their diet. According to the BBC, here’s what they’re feasting on: 17% of it is game meat, such as wild pig, tapir, and capybara; 7% is freshwater fish; foraged fruits and nuts; as well as carbohydrates like rice, maize, sweet potato, and plantains. A whopping 72% of their calories come from carbs, which is much more than the 52% in the United States. In addition, the Tsimane also consume less saturated fat, with 14% versus 34%.

tsimane healthy heart
tsimane healthy heart

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important.

When reflecting on the study, scientists were most impressed with the active lifestyle that the Tsimane have, even as they grow older. Michael Gurven, a professor anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara told the BBC, “I would say we need a more holistic approach to physical exercise rather than just at the weekend.”

Naveed Sattar from the University of Glasgow echoed this sentiment. “This is a beautiful real life study which reaffirms all we understand about preventing heart disease. Simply put, eating a healthy diet very low in saturated fat and full of unprocessed products, not smoking and being active life long, is associated with the lowest risk of having furring up of blood vessels.”

healthy heart tips

h/t: [Gizmodo]

All photos via Michael Gurven unless otherwise stated.

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Winners of 2017 Birth Photography Competition Capture the Emotion of Childbirth

birth photography

“Road to Delivery,” First Place Winner. Image via Jaydene Freund – Cradled Creations.

Childbirth is one of the most poignant experiences we can have as humans. The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers works to capture these magical moments during the birthing process for families.

The association is comprised of more than 1,200 photographers in 42 countries and they recently announced the winners of their annual Birth Photography Competition. Birth photographers competed in four categories—labor, delivery, birth details, and postpartum.

This special group of photographers, selected to shoot these highly intimate moments, focus on capturing the emotion of the birthing process. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and babies are skillfully photographed in a wide range of situations that show the beautiful range of childbirth possibilities.

Aside from the individual category winners, 21 photographers were awarded honorable mentions for their impressive work. “Birth photography is a highly specialized field and the choice to have the experience documented is an intensely personal decision,” IAPBP shares in a statement. “It involves the birth process, environment, the parents and those in attendance. Birth photography encompasses the tears of joy, the wonder of bringing a new life into the world and celebrates family. The photographers who specialize in the field use their art to tell the story of birth.”

The winners of the 2017 Birth Photography Competition highlight the beautiful emotions surrounding childbirth.

newborn photography

“Straight from Heaven,” Best in Category: Postpartum. Image via Natasha Hance – Birth Unscripted.

birth photography

“With A Splash,” Best in Category: Delivery. Image via Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography

birth photography

“Determination,” Best in Category: Labor. Image via Katie Mathis Photography.

mother and child

“She holds her daughter’s fingers in awe and wonder,” Honorable mention. Image via The He{ART} of Motherhood.

birth photography

“Three’s Not A Crowd,” Honorable mention. Image via Snap Life Photography.

birth photography

“Honoring the Temple,” Honorable mention. Image via Elliana Gilbert Photography.

birth photography

“Joyful Finale,” Honorable mention. Image via Elise Hurst Photography.

water birth

“As she rose from the depths into the hands of love,” Honorable mention. Image via Tree of Life Doula Photography.

birth photography

“Hello Before Goodbye,” Honorable mention. Image via Sarah Boccolucci Photography + Birth Services.

birth photography

“A Sister Is Born,” Honorable mention. Image via Rebecca Coursey Photographer + Doula.

IAPBP: Website | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by IAPBP.

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35+ Watercolor Tattoos Beautifully Transform Bodies into Living Art

watercolor tattoos body art colorful pretty artistic

Traditional tattoos are typically characterized by thick, black lines, solid blocks of color, and straightforward shading. Though tried-and-true, this approach to body art is not the only one! Recently, watercolor tattoos have taken the body inking world by storm with their ethereal style, fluid forms, and vivid hues. In this collection of unique watercolor tattoos, we explore the diversity and artistic value of this painterly practice.

Featuring some of our favorite ink artists—including Ondrash, Jasper Andres, Aleksandra Katsan, and Mini Lau—as well as numerous new discoveries, the colorful compilation of tattoos showcases some of the best watercolor-inspired body art. Whether softly stippled, delicately blotted, or energetically evocative of paint splatters, the tattoos present the different ways that artists employ the watercolor medium as their muse.

See the entire collection of beautiful watercolor tattoos below.

triangle landscape watercolor tattoo by Koray Karagözler

Photo credit: Koray Karagözler

the great wave watercolor tattoo by Koray Karagözler

Photo credit: Koray Karagözler

Watercolor Tattoo by Julia Dumps

Photo credit: Julia Dumps

owl watercolor tattoo by Louise Flynn

Photo credit: Louise Flynn

Watercolor Tattoo by Ink Talk Tattoo

Photo credit: Ink Talk Tattoo

watercolor tattoos pastel clapping hands artistic Tattooist Doy

Photo credit: Tattooist Doy

Watercolor Tattoo by Aga Yadou

Photo credit: Aga Yadou

traditional Korean woman watercolor tattoos by NADi

Photo credit: NADi

watercolor tattoos fox geometric Jasper Andres

Photo credit: Jasper Andres

Watercolor Tattoo by Julia Dumps

Photo credit: Julia Dumps

colorful ballerina watercolor tattoo by Julia Dumps

Photo credit: Julia Dumps

Photo credit: Azucena Ibarra

Watercolor Tattoo by Jessica Damasceno

Photo credit: Jessica Damasceno

Photo credit: Jessie Villars

Watercolor Tattoos by Samantha Gauges

Photo credit: Samantha Gauges

watercolor tattoos artistic pastel lion Hiren

Photo credit: Hiren

Watercolor Tattoo by Koray Karagözler

Photo credit: Koray Karagözler

watercolor tattoos origami boat pretty Lello Sannino

Photo credit: Lello Sannino

watercolor tattoos map earth world Darren Bishop

Photo credit: Darren Bishop

watercolor tattoos abstract pretty Amanda Wachob

Photo credit: Amanda Wachob

watercolor tattoos color pastel jellyfish animals Anna Botyk

Photo credit: Anna Botyk

Watercolor Tattoo by Koray Karagözler

Photo credit: Koray Karagözler

watercolor tattoos bird flower nature art julia dumps

Photo credit: Julia Dumps

watercolor tattoos figure woman artistic surreal Hiren

Photo credit: Hiren

watercolor tattoos poppies flowers art Ricky Fish Tattoo

Photo credit: Ricky Fish Tattoo

watercolor tattoos cosmos abstract galaxy Amy Van R

Photo credit: Amy Van R

watercolor tattoos pretty flower dainty Alexey Platunov

Photo credit: Alexey Platunov

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20+ Mouthwatering Dishes of Comfort Food From Around the World

home cooked food

No matter where you live, you’ve probably got some version of comfort food. It’s the type of dish that’s associated with nostalgia; this is something that your mom might make for you when you’re sick, or food that you’ll indulge in if you’ve had a bad day. When you take that first bite, you immediately feel better—like suddenly, you’re transported home.

Comfort food means different things across cultures. And, there’s no definitive dish in any given place. Rather, there’s a smattering of meals that are generally seen as warm and cozy, and the shared experience of eating them has touched the lives of the people there. In the United States, for instance, pizza is one of the most popular comfort foods. Bring it to a party or order it after a long work week and in that moment, it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten—even (or especially) when it’s a big, greasy slice.

So, what does comfort food look like around the world? Grab a spoon and a fork and find out, below.



Poutine is made with salty French fries, gooey cheese curds, and is doused in a light brown gravy. The fast food dish originated in Québec province.



Tortilla Española

There are few ingredients needed for the flavorful tortilla Española. Potatoes, onions, and eggs are fashioned into an omelet form and served as tapas or for lunch.




Onigiri, aka rice balls, are made from sticky white rice that’s formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes. They’re often wrapped in seaweed and filled with ingredients like salted salmon, smoked skipjack tuna, or edible kelp.



comfort foods

Photo credit: Give Recipes


Manti, or mantu, are dumplings filled with a spiced meat like lamb or ground beef. The dough wrapper is either boiled or steamed and served with yogurt, sour cream, or garlic.



comfort foods

Photo credit: @gourmiii


Chilaquiles, a traditional Mexican dish, consists of lightly fried corn tortillas that are doused with salsa or mole sauce. They can have a variety of toppings, including pulled chicken, cheese, or eggs (if you’re serving them for brunch).



food photography

Photo credit: Hungry Gerald


Congee is a type of thick rice porridge. They vary greatly by region, and the consistency is largely based on location of preparation. The same goes for what is eaten with it. Salted duck eggs, grilled fish, and pickled tofu are all ingredients you’ll find in it.



food styling

Photo credit: 196 Flavors


Moussaka is a layered eggplant or potato-based dish that’s served as a casserole. In Greece, it typically includes meat and is topped with a Béchamel sauce that’s baked to perfection.


South Africa

comfort food around the world

Photo credit: Blissfully Domestic

Malva Pudding

Malva pudding is a sweet dish with a spongy, caramelized texture. It contains apricot jam and is served hot, where a cream sauce is poured over it.



Fish and chips

Fish and chips first appeared in the 1860s as a staple for the working classes. Now, the fried battered fish and hot fries is an iconic dish served in a paper wrapping.



Kimchi fried rice

Kimchi fried rice is a versatile dish that can be a snack or whipped up as a quick meal. This recipe features a flavorful kimchi sauce and an optional fried egg or spam component. (The canned meat is not traditionally Korean, but was introduced by the American military.)


El Salvador


Pupusas are made of thick corn tortillas and offer a variety of fillings—such as cheese, pork, or beans. Typically, they’re served with curtido, which is a cabbage stew made with red chilies and vinegar.




Made from rice and lentils, khichdi is a one-pot comfort food. Depending on where it’s prepared, it has myriad of preparations and can be vegetarian or cooked with meat or fish.



food photography

Photo credit: @omgitsbomb


Like Turkey, Poland finds comfort in dumplings. Called pierogies, the dough is typically stuffed with onions, mashed potatoes, ground meat, and/or aged cheese.



food photography

Photo credit: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt


Arepas are essentially sandwiches, with two crispy, corn-based flat breads that are loaded with a variety of fillings. They can be eaten day or night.


United States of America


From cheap and greasy to gourmet toppings, pizza consists of baked flatbread that’s loaded with meat, vegetables, and condiments. The U.S.’s love for pizza extends far beyond eating and has transformed into a way of life.



home cooked food

Photo credit: Mohammad Orfali


A staple street food, koshari consists of rice, macaroni, and lentils mixed together and then topped with a spiced tomato sauce and fried onions.



Pão de Queijo

Also known as Brazilian cheese bread, pão de queijo is a cheese puff that’s crispy and hollow when you bite into it. Typically, they’re made with Parmesan cheese.


New Zealand

home cooked food

Photo credit: Bren on the Road

Marmite and chip sandwich

Just as simple as a it sounds, a Marmite and chip sandwich features the yeast spread slathered over two slices of white bread. Salt and vinegar chips are layered on top for a nice crunch.




Spätzle is a soft egg noodle found in a variety of German cuisines. Käsespätzle is similar to macaroni and cheese, and the noodles are served in a creamy cheese sauce. Fried onions are a popular addition to the dish.



food styling

Photo credit: Goorsha


Sweet, spicy, and buttery, chechebsa is made from thin wheat pancakes that are fried with spiced butter. It’s served with honey, yogurt, or scrambled eggs to make it perfect for breakfast or a snack.



food styling

Photo credit: Johnny Miller


Prepared as a stew of ground beef and tomatoes, picadillo has a hint of sweetness to it—with raisins—as well as the delightful saltiness of olives.



home cooked food

Photo credit: Jean Cazals

Gratin Dauphinois

Considered one of France’s ultimate comfort foods, gratin dauphinois consists of sliced potatoes double-cooked in seasoned cream and then baked with Gruyere cheese.




A sweet sponge cake with a jam filling, the lamingtion has a national day devoted to it. The dessert is dipped in chocolate and coated in coconut.

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Discarded Rusty Old Pickup Truck Given New Life as a Creative Desk

creative office furniture

For many folks, a desk is an important part of their work life. If that’s the case, then why own a conventional piece of furniture when you can have a desk that was once a truck? Yes, you read that right. In one of the most creative desk DIYs we’ve seen, an old truck was given a new life in a cozy office.

So, how exactly does someone turn a truck into a desk? Well to start, it helps if you own a restoration/hot rod garage. Jesse Barratt, the man behind this impressive DIY, said that a customer gave an entire truck to his shop, Blue Sky Performance & Restoration. When it arrived, he knew that it wasn’t worth salvaging. “It would take over 100K to restore this truck front to back,” Barratt wrote. “It looks pretty good in the pictures but beauty was only skin deep on this ‘ole girl. The cab was so rotted out that it was falling down over the frame.”

After determining that this truck would never ride again, Barratt got to work. He removed the front grill and then sandblasted and primed it with epoxy. Any “rot holes” were filled with body filler, which made the Swiss cheese appearance of the metal disappear. Once patched, the unit was lifted and attached to a fabricated metal frame to ensure it would stay sturdy and level. Then, it was sanded smooth and primed.

A colorful paint job helped give the truck-desk some much-needed character. To pay tribute to its life on the road, Barratt painted a set of decorative pinstripe flames on the top of the hood. Done in a striking chartreuse, it’s a welcome pop of color next to the deep, glittering turquoise.

With the paint job complete, the trim and lights were added; this marked the end of the work on the vehicle. The final step was to install a custom glass top that now rests on raised metal stands. That way, one can marvel over the custom flames without the risk of scratching them.

Barratt and his crew at Blue Sky intend to use the rest of the vehicle to make more furniture. “Some say it’s a waste,” he said, “but the truck was going nowhere fast, so now it will live inside with people admiring the style of these old trucks for years to come!”

So, how did Jesse Barratt turn a truck into a creative desk?

how to build a unique desk

Here’s what the truck looked like when it first arrived to the shop…

creative office furniture

After removing the front of the truck, Barratt primed the metal and filled the rot holes.

most creative desk diy
most creative desk diy
desk diy

Afterwards, it was sanded smooth.

desk diy
hot rod furniture

To make sure it’d be a stable desk, it was mounted to a metal frame.

desk diy

Painted pinstripe flames gave this desk some character.

hot rod furniture
unconventional furniture
unconventional furniture
unconventional furniture

Once the paint was sealed with clear coat, the lights and trim were installed.

how to build a unique desk

All that was left was a custom piece of glass for the desk top…

how to build a unique desk

With the glass installed, Barratt’s impressive DIY was done!

creative furniture
how to build a unique desk

Jesse Barratt: Instagram
h/t [Reddit]

All images via Jesse Barratt.

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Ai Weiwei Draws Attention to the Refugee Crisis with Powerful New Installation

ai weiwei law of the journey

With his new exhibition Law of the Journey, Ai Weiwei continues to explore the enormity of the refugee humanitarian crisis. A refugee himself, Ai Weiwei has dedicated the last two years of his career to creating politically charged artwork that speaks to the issue.

“There’s no refugee crisis, but only human crisis… In dealing with refugees we’ve lost our very basic values,” states the Chinese artist, one of the most powerful figures in contemporary art. Hosted in the Trade Fair Palace by the National Gallery of Prague, his work is a “multi-layered, epic statement on the human condition.”

The location itself is a powerful reminder of how history repeats itself. Built in 1928, the Trade Fair Palace was an assembly point for Jews before their deportation to the Terezín concentration camp. Here, under the weight of its past, the hall is a vessel for Ai Weiwei’s new, epic installation.

ai weiwei law of the journey

An immense, overcrowded rubber boat filled with bodies unfurls across the space.  The boat is suspended from the ceiling, much as the fate of its passengers hangs in the balance. Stuck in limbo, without knowledge of what is to come, they huddle together as they move toward a new future.

Tellingly, bodies are littered around the boat. Fallen soldiers during the arduous crossing, some whom have already passed, others who reach out for safety—they are a reminder of just how perilous these journeys can be.

In addition to this new piece, the exhibition also includes previous work, such as Laundromat, where clothes and shoes collected from a refugee camp are meticulously laid out, and Snake Ceiling. This monumental piece is dedicated to 5,000 schoolchildren who lost their lives during an earthquake in China in 2008.

Law of the Journey will be on display at the National Gallery of Prague until January 7, 2018.

Ai Weiwei has spent the last two years of his life creating artwork that speaks to the refugee crisis.

ai weiwei law of the journey

“In this time of uncertainty, we need more tolerance, compassion, and trust for each other since we all are one. Otherwise, humanity will face an even bigger crisis.”

ai weiwei law of the journey
ai wei wei law of the journey

ai wei wei law of the journey
ai wei wei law of the journey
ai wei wei law of the journey

Law of the Journey also includes a selection of previously exhibited installations.

ai wei wei law of the journey
ai wei wei law of the journey
ai wei wei law of the journey
ai wei wei law of the journey

Ai Weiwei: Website | Facebook | Instagram
National Gallery of Prague: Website | Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [Juxtapoz, designboom]

All images via the National Gallery of Prague.

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Parody of Viral “BBC Dad” Interview Imagines How a Mom Would Have Handled It

bbc dad interview parody mom funny kids viral

Earlier this month, the world was introduced to Robert E. Kelly, a political science teacher based in South Korea. During  a live Skype interview with BBC, Kelly—who was working from home—was hilariously interrupted by his 2 young children. Now known as “BBC Dad,” Kelly has taken the Internet by storm. His endearing ordeal has even spawned several spoofs, including a satirical sketch by New Zealand television show Jono and Ben that comically captures how a mother would have dealt with the situation.

In the video, which is simply titled “Woman Interrupted During BBC Interview,” a mom is shown sitting at a desk, answering the same questions that Kelly was asked during his report. Suddenly, her daughter barges into the room, and totters toward the screen. Rather than ignore the girl or try to divert her attention, the woman nonchalantly picks her up, places her on her lap, and feeds her a bottle of milk. As she continues to speak to the interviewer, she casually completes a number of tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and even defusing a bomb.

Since it was posted on Facebook last week, the video has garnered over 260,000 shares and nearly 500,000 “likes” on Facebook. Rather than criticize the way that Kelly dealt with his intrusive toddlers, the video aims to celebrate multitasking moms everywhere by giving a “shout out to all the working women out there defusing bombs on a regular basis!”

Compare the BBC Dad interview parody with the original video below!

Jono and Ben: Facebook | TwitterYouTube
h/t [Laughing Squid]

All images via Jono and Ben.

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Retro-Inspired iPhone 7 Case is a Playful Throwback to 1980s Technology

retro iphone 7 plus

Nostalgia in technology might seem strange, but the relaunch of the iconic Nokia 3310 is proving that there’s a market for people who want to relive the “simpler” days of phones and computers. Hearkening all the way back to the 1980s, custom-painting company ColorWare has created a retro iPhone 7 Plus. If you ever used a computer during this time, you’ll recognize its distinct look and feel.

Aptly called the Retro Edition, this throwback design features an “‘80s electronic” beige-colored case with the now-classic rainbow Apple logo. In addition, there are dark beige edge strips that mimic the vents you’d see on older machines. ColorWare’s handiwork is a playful way to merge yesteryear with sleek technology, because beyond the vintage-inspired shell is the latest unlocked iPhone with all its bells and whistles.

This isn’t the first time that ColorWare has added a retro touch to Apple products. They’ve previously decorated laptops, the iMac, and the iPhone 6S with this same aesthetic. But having this custom treatment comes at a premium—at $1,899, it’s almost twice as much as the iPhone 7 Plus itself.

Custom painters ColorWare made a retro iPhone 7 Plus—it’s like you’ve time traveled back to the 1980s!

retro iphone
retro iphone

ColorWare: Website | Instagram | Facebook
h/t: [designboom]

All images via ColorWare.

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Homeless Man’s Unbelievable Makeover is a Life-Changing Transformation

homeless man makeover

Jose Antonio, affectionately known as Josete by locals, has spent the last 25 years of his life living on the streets of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The former electrician, who lost his job in an accident, suffered from a long period of depression and was working as an unauthorized parking attendant to save money for a room when fortune came his way.

Every morning when Salva Garcia, the owner of La Salvajeria hair salon, let the 55-year-old park his car, he joked with him about cutting his long, unruly hair. Eventually, realizing a change in his appearance could help him secure employment, Jose Antonio agreed. What happened next is incredible.

The entire transformation was captured in the short film, El Espíritu de la plaza (The Spirit of the Square), which aims to show how altruism can be life changing.

Jose Antonio had been living on the streets of Palma di Mallorca for 25 years after losing his job and a long battle with depression.

homeless man makeover

In order to get a full-time job, he knew it was time for a change in his appearance. Luckily, La Salvajeria hair salon offered to help tame his unruly hair and beard.

homeless man transformation


The salon, which was celebrating three years in business, wanted to use their talents to do something special for the man locals call Josete.

homeless man makeover

They even dyed his hair brown to give the 55-year-old former electrician a more youthful appearance.

homeless man transformation
homeless man transformation

Jose Antonio, who didn’t look at himself until the makeover was complete, couldn’t believe his eyes. “My God… Is this me?” he exclaimed.

homeless man transformation

Complete with a new white shirt and pair of red pants, he transformed into something of a hipster, with locals not even recognizing him.

homeless man transformation

The miraculous transformation took place in July 2015, but is going viral thanks to a recently released video about the makeover. “It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life,” Jose Antonio shared with reporters.

homeless man transformation

Currently, Jose Antonio is still looking for work, but is no longer on the streets. The salon revealed that a private company, which wishes to remain anonymous, has provided financial assistance.

homeless man makeover

h/t: [Bored Panda, A Plus]

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20+ Animals Who Have Perfected the Art of Camouflage

camouflage animals

The animal kingdom can be harsh. What to do if you are a small animal trying to defend yourself or a predator who wants to stealthily stalk their prey? Evolution’s answer—camouflage. While we often think of the chameleon as the perfect example of camouflage, in reality, things are much more complex.

Two types of camouflage exist, one that makes animals difficult to see—crypsis—and one that disguises them as something else—mimesis. Crypsis, the most common type of animal camouflage, is often achieved because the animal’s colors resemble their environment. However, this is not the only way that animals can blend into the background.

Other forms of crypsis include animals that have patterns or markings that deliberately make it difficult to perceive the outlines of their bodies. Jaguars and the common frog are two examples of animals with this disruptive coloration. Other animals, such as butterflies and certain types of lizards, go to great lengths to eliminate their shadows, a technique that was employed by military camouflage during WWII.

Some camouflage animals will even reinforce their disguise by mimicking certain behaviors. For instance, the leafy seadragon actually sways like the seaweed it disguises itself as. And, of course, there are animals who adapt their coloration to the environment. The arctic hare will shed its coat, moving from winter white to brown or gray in the summer.

With mimesis, animals camouflage themselves as something that would be of little interest, whether a dead leaf or a twig. In doing so, these animals are passed over by predators who mistake them for something different or barely notice them at all. With a myriad of choices for disguise, animals of all types turn to camouflage to help them survive.

In celebration of the animal kingdom’s beauty, check out more than 20 animals that camouflage themselves. Can you spot them all?

Leaf-tailed Gecko

Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Mountain Hare

animal camouflage

Photo credit: Peter Wey / Shutterstock

Goldenrod Crab Spider

Western diamondback rattlesnake


Image via fargioneorazio

Great Rockfish

animal camouflage

Photo credit: scubaluna / Shutterstock


Eastern Screech Owl

animals that use camouflage

Photo credit: Mircea C / Shutterstock

Leafy Seadragon


Mediterranean Octopus

Perinet Chameleon

Tawny Frogmouth


pictures of camouflage

Photo credit: FCG / Shutterstock

Pink pygmy seahorse

Dead Leaf Butterfly

Stone Fish

animal mimicry

Photo credit: Adam Ke / Shutterstock

Sand Crab

Two-tailed Spider

Leaf Katydid

Ghost Pipefish

All images via Shutterstock except where noted.

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Photographer Visits 20 Catholic Churches to Capture the Grandeur of Pipe Organs

german pipe organs

Fascinated by the pipe organs he grew up surrounded by in Germany, photographer Robert Götzfried‘s new series Pipes captures the grandeur of these musical instruments. To complete the work, he obtained permission to enter 20 Catholic churches in Southern Germany and photograph the behemoths.

The pipe organ can be traced back to Ancient Greece, and by the 9th century had become established at the de facto instrument of church music. Through the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the pipe organ was continually refined and elaborate designs solidify its status not just as an instrument, but a work of art.

Götzfried’s images, when viewed collectively, speak to the unique beauty of the church instrument. The variety of shapes and styles is astounding. Framed in isolation, Götzfried’s photographs highlight the elegant lines of each pipe organ, focusing on the majesty of the instrument.

Robert Götzfried entered 20 Catholic churches in Southern Germany for his series Pipes. Each pipe organ is framed to highlight its unique shape and structure.

pipe organ
german pipe organs
german pipe organs
church organs
german pipe organs
german pipe organs
german pipe organs
german pipe organs
german pipe organs
church organs

german pipe organs
Robert Götzfried: Website | Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [Colossal]

All images via Robert Götzfried.

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Interview: Fire Photographer Documents the Bravery of Firefighters Battling Massive Flames

fire photography

Very few of us ever witness the fervid and often intensely violent fire incidents that firefighters face as they rescue lives and properties across our communities. While most of us avoid these catastrophic situations at all costs, photographer Jamie Nicholson is dedicated to capturing these courageous and extraordinary moments. Nicholson has been a fire photographer for almost 10 years across Pasadena, Arcadia, and Monrovia Fire Departments in Southern California. His photographs exhibit the magnitude and power of blazing flames, as well as the raw energy, focus, and adrenaline of the fire personnel as they battle fires.

Originally from England, Nicholson moved to Arcadia, California at a young age and developed an interest in photography during high school. He was fascinated with creating his own films and prints and was fortunate to have his own darkroom. In fact, one of the first pictures that Nicholson ever developed showed remnants from parts of his junior high school the day after an arson had occurred. This aptly foreshadows his work into photographing fire incidents thirty years later.

The time and efforts Nicholson devotes to fire photography is completely voluntary and derives from his passion for the activity. Nicholson has a degree in Computer Science and works full-time as an engineer for a company based in New Jersey. His remote situation allows him to conveniently monitor the dispatch radio in the background and respond when necessary.

Providing fire photography services for three different fire departments requires experience, dedication, and constant preparedness at all dates and times. Nicholson explains that to catch certain pivotal shots “it takes a willingness to head out to many more incidents than I’ll actually shoot. For every one incident I shoot, I head out toward five or ten incidents that I don’t, oftentimes not even making it out of my garage.”

Being a fire photographer, Nicholson admits there are plenty of action-packed and exciting moments. At the end of the day, however, “the things that really stick with me are the acts of kindness that I see over and over again.”

We had the wonderful opportunity to ask Nicholson a few questions about his work in fire photography, and his shooting techniques. Scroll down to read our exclusive interview.

fire fighter photography
fire fighter photography

How did you become a fire photographer?

I have never worked in the fire service. A good friend who was an integral member of the Pasadena Fire Department knew of my interest and asked if I would like to be part of the volunteer photographer program. In September of this year, that will have been ten years ago. Now I shoot for three fire departments. There is a geographical limitation to the departments I can shoot for, since I have to be able to arrive in a timely manner to capture the incident as it unfolds. I live in Arcadia, and Pasadena and Monrovia are two of Arcadia’s bordering cities along the 210 Freeway.

How do you decide which incidents to photograph?

The number one consideration is whether or not I can get there and be on scene safely. That is why I have shot so few incidents on the freeway. Generally speaking, when the Battalion Chief is dispatched, I receive a text message from Verdugo [dispatch center] alerting me to the incident. Assuming I’ve decided I can arrive to an incident safely and quickly enough, experience plays a big role in knowing if I should head out. Many reported fires are not fires at all, and many smaller fires are put out before I can get there. The elements that make for an exciting photograph are at odds with the firefighters’ needs to rescue and resolve an incident in as timely a manner as possible.

fire photography
fire photography
fire photography

What steps do you take to prepare before photographing an incident?

Be ready to take pictures at a moment’s notice. There is no time for preparation once an incident is dispatched. My primary incident cameras are always in my car ready to shoot. When I return from an incident, my very first step is to replace the batteries and cards in both cameras, clean the cameras if necessary, then return them to my car. Only then do I process images.

Aside from always being ready to go, I also like to learn from each incident by critically reviewing my work. There is always something to learn from mistakes. For example, I learned early on to use the largest memory cards possible and not to swap cards on scene. I once shot a big fire in Monrovia with rolling balls of fire coming from the roof of the commercial building. I filled a memory card early with “big fire” shots. I can remember thinking there were magazine cover shots on the card. I had placed the filled card in my jacket pocket as I’d done many times before, and must have dropped the card on the ground. The card was never to be recovered. I learned something that day.

How do you interact with firefighters and civilians during an incident?

When I first started, it was odd interacting with the firefighters on scene. Everyone was always pleasant but firefighters knew not to chat with people carrying cameras and notepads. Now, everyone knows and recognizes me. As an incident unfolds everyone is all business. There are simple “hellos” but the primary focus is on whatever is taking place, both for them and for me. As things unwind and firefighters cool off and take water, I am treated like one of them. These are great people and I’ve made good friends.

As for civilians, on any given incident there’s a bubble that forms around the scene. Whether it’s yellow tape or a natural barrier formed by people observing, it’s easy enough to not have much interaction with onlookers. But it does happen, since I am carrying a bunch of cameras. People approach me to show the great pictures they’ve taken with their phones. Sometimes people just have a piece of information they want to pass along.

During massive windstorms in 2011, I arrived on scene to a fire. Several people approached me pointing to a second fire that had started out of view. I made immediate contact with the first firefighter I reached, and they were quickly able to get the ball rolling on the second fire.

Most people just want to help so I thank them. If people have questions, I direct them to an officer or fire official. I am a photographer and I never give incident information. Finally, sometimes it is just appropriate to comfort someone. I am happy to do so when it is helpful.

fire in progress
fire in progress
fire fighter photo

What is your favorite type of shot to capture in fire photography, and what are the most important elements you look for?

People! People with big fire, smoke or action behind them. Everyone also loves animals. Emotion is another great element for on-scene photos, although it is tricky. If a victim is key to the scene then I’ll include them. For example, auto-extrication shots need victims to give the proper context. However, I do not like pointing my camera at people during certain situations. I rarely shoot homeowners watching their home burn, even though there may be good emotion shots. This is where my purposes differ from a typical photojournalist’s.

I am not there to make their days worse, or to get the shot at any cost. I am there to tell the story, but in a respectful way. If I do photograph victims, privacy is my number one concern. I try to find angles that show the scenes without revealing the victims’ faces or identifying features. Only on rare occasions have I shot into the back of a rescue ambulance. I also avoid license plates for the same reason. Privacy is key.

Fire is a very complex and light sensitive subject to shoot. What are the biggest obstacles to filming fire incidents?

There are certainly unique challenges to photographing an emergency scene, and none more challenging than a nighttime fire scene. Fire is bright, nighttime is dark, and the two don’t mix. You have to be willing to let the fire blow out in order to capture the details of the scene. You also have to be very judicious with the use of flash since firefighters’ personal protective equipment (PPE) have highly reflective tape on it. Using flash causes the tape to blow out badly, which often fools the camera’s meter. I am always pushing the limits of the camera and the lens. Since more of the incidents occur at night than during the day, I am always shooting high ISO, wide aperture, and long shutter speeds. As is true with any photography, managing that is critical.

When fire becomes the main subject of a photograph, it is sometimes beneficial to expose properly for the fire and let the foreground silhouette, or a combination thereof. Emergency vehicle lights also have to be considered. With so many lights flashing in uncontrolled patterns, lens flare is a constant problem. I don’t use UV “protective” filters on my lenses for this reason. They just add to the lens flare possibility, even the good ones. I always shoot raw. I want as much information stored as possible. Post-process work almost always involves balancing the exposure of the people in the scene with the ever-present strong light sources.

fire fighter photo
fire fighter photo
fire photography

What is the best part of being a fire photographer?

People helping people. When I first started it was all about the excitement and the big fires, all the things you’d expect. However, what really sticks with me are the acts of kindness that I see over and over again: letting a child sit in the Captain’s seat; comforting a patient who’s packaged up for transport; helping an elderly lady who’s worried about a brush fire; covering up furniture to help prevent water damage; standing on street corners to raise money for charity; being elbow-deep in someone else’s blood or vomit; and yes, running into burning buildings. These are just some of the endless acts of kindness I’ve witnessed.

Ultimately, what drives me the most about being a fire photographer is the thought of a firefighter showing his or her child a picture I took and saying, “that’s what Daddy does,” or “that’s what Mommy does.”

Who are your artistic and photography influences, and are you working on any major photography projects you can share?

The photography and writing of Ansel Adams always inspired me. His writings and those of John Shaw on exposure and darkroom techniques are not to be missed. Currently, I’m using my systems engineering experience to build a heat sensing and tracking tripod head. I am in the early test phases and intend to use it for both video and stills. Its purpose is mostly to track a rocket as it launches. Initial tests have been quite successful.

fire fighter portrait photography
fire truck photo

Jamie Nicholson: Website

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Jamie Nicholson.

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China to Build New National Park Dedicated to Saving Siberian Tigers

Amur Leopard siberian tiger china national park

The U.S. National Parks are a big tourist attraction, from people visiting domestically as well as abroad. Yellowstone National Park, home to the iconic Old Faithful geyser, created nearly $382 million in economic benefit in 2014 alone. Now, China is following the U.S.’s lead as it develops its own national park system. The country recently announced plans to build a new park that’s 60% larger than Yellowstone. Although it’s a move to drive tourism, there’s a bigger, more important purpose for establishing this land. Doing so will help save two endangered species—the Siberian tiger and Amur leopard.

The park is projected to cover 14,600 square kilometers (5,600 square miles) in the Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. Its arrival can’t come soon enough. In 1998, there were only six to nine wild Siberian tigers living between the two provinces. Thanks to conservation efforts, that number has risen to 27 as of 2015. But, the current reserve land isn’t enough for the tigers to thrive.

Likewise, the Amur leopard has also seen its population grow from about 30 in 2007 to double that in 2015. (This is thanks, in part, to groups like the World Wildlife Fund.) As with all struggling species, however, there’s still much more work to be done to ensure the prosperity of these creatures.

National parks in China are a relatively new effort; it was only in 2013 that they decided to start building them. Currently, the country has a “mishmash of national reserves, semiprotected forests, and provincial parks” and sees the new system as a way to preserve the incredible animals that inhabit their country. Although there aren’t more specifics on the new park at this time, a “comprehensive plan and pilot” is expected to be completed before 2020.

China announced plans to establish a national park dedicated to saving the Siberian tiger and Amur leopard. A “comprehensive plan and pilot” is slated for 2020.

siberian tiger

Siberian Tiger
Photo credit: Vladimir Wrangel / Shutterstock

amur leopard

Amur Leopard
Photo credit: Dmitri Gomon / Shutterstock

h/t: [IFL Science]

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Loving Father’s Sweet Photos of His Kids Capture the Magic of Childhood

adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography

The last time we checked in with photographer Adrian C. Murray, he was busy photographing the bond between his 2 young sons and their beloved teddy bear. Since then, the family has welcomed a baby girl to the family, who, along with her brothers, is the subject of Murray’s magical photographs.

In his recent work, Murray continues to chronicle the tender moments experienced by his children. Whether they’re swaying on their rocking horse, cuddling with their dogs Sophie and Charlie (the devoted service dog of the eldest son, who suffers from epilepsy), or simply playing make-believe, their father is there to capture it for his collection of childhood photos. No activity is too mundane to shoot, as his primary goal is to document his kids’ youth.

I entered into photography with the singular goal to capture my children while they grew up,” he explains on his website. “I’ve heard too many times that ‘they grow up too quickly.’ That’s why I wanted to get as much of their lives recorded as possible.”

What makes Murray’s precious project even sweeter is the way that it has inspired his children. As they’ve grown up around clicking cameras and their father’s photographic equipment, they’ve begun to explore the craft on their own. In some photos, even the infant girl can be seen tinkering with a camera. “They want to be just like dad,” the proud father says.

See some of the tender childhood photos shot by doting dad Adrian C. Murray below.

adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography
adrian c. murray childhood photos photography children youth
adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography
adrian c. murray childhood photos photography children youth
adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography
adrian c. murray childhood photos photography children youth
adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography
adrian c. murray childhood photos photography children youth
adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography
adrian c. murray childhood photos photography children youth
adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography
adrian c. murray childhood photos photography children youth
adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography
adrian c. murray childhood photos photography children youth
adrian c. murray childhood photos family photography
adrian c. murray childhood photos photography children youth

Adrian C Murray: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | Twitter500px
h/t: [Feature Shoot]

All images via Adrian C. Murray.

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DIY Shows How to Make Your Kid a Cardboard Knight in Armor

cardboard costume

Artist Warren King proves that cardboard doesn’t just have to be for boxes. With some creativity and engineering know-how, the packing material can form spectacular works of art. Or, if you’re an imaginative 6-year-old, it can make for a fantastic knights costume. King fashioned a set of Gothic-style armor for one lucky kid and shared his entire process on Flickr. There, you get a detailed look at the corrugated cardboard costume DIY. It boasts an incredible amount of detail and movement—despite the restraints of the material.

To produce the armor, King used a few basic supplies. Aside from the cardboard, he gathered hot glue, paint, elastic bands, and velcro. From there, he cut out pieces of the front breast plate, arms, legs, and helmet. Each body part was made up of several smaller pieces, which allowed for more movement in the suit. Because just like its 15th-century inspiration, cardboard doesn’t have a lot of give to it—too much bending would cause the joints to break. To mitigate this, King created cutouts for the arms, and he also angled pieces for the shoulders and thighs. Each joint adhered together using tiny pieces of cardboard that were layered across the seams like a piece of tape.

The end result is spectacular. King’s engineering produced a cardboard costume tailored to the fantasy-loving kid. And while we enjoy seeing the kraft-colored cardboard, the final iteration of the armor was painted black and silver to give it a metallic look and feel. Complete with a sword and shield, this boy is ready to do battle!

To begin creating the cardboard costume, artist Warren King cut shapes from the corrugated material.cardboard knight

cardboard costume diy

Smaller pieces of cardboard helped adhere two pieces together.

cardboard costume diy
how to make a kid's cardboard costume
how to make a kid's cardboard costume

Once King started his build, the knight’s costume really started to take shape.

cardboard costume diy
cardboard costume diy
cardboard costume

cardboard knight

The shoes were secured with rubber bands.

cardboard knight
creative cardboard diy
kid's cardboard costume
creative cardboard diy
creative cardboard diy

The final results look great as kraft brown…

cardboard costume diy for kids
cardboard costume diy for kids
cardboard costume
kid's cardboard costume

…but King added some slick black and gray paint for a metallic effect.

kid's cardboard costume
cardboard costume diy for kids
kid's cardboard knight costume

Warren King: Website | Flickr | Instagram
h/t: [Reddit]

All images via Warren King.

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